Come on our easy-going ride this Saturday looking at the buildings of Burnet and Tait

Join us this Saturday, 25 July 2015, for our latest leisurely ride around the London cityscape when we will be looking at the work of architects Burnet and Tait.

The story of this early twentieth century architectural practice takes us, in a little over 20 years, from Edwardian Baroque via Stripped Classicism to all-out Modernism.

Formed by two Scottish architects who assembled in London a multinational team, they devoured influences from across the Atlantic, from Continental Europe, and even from ancient Egypt.

Burnet and Tait brought New York’s Deco stylings and modern construction techniques to the streets of London and delivered some of the city’s mightiest 20th century facades. This is architecture in transition. Watch the ornament melt away. Thrill, or shudder, as the bare bones of modernism emerge from the fleshy extravagance of Beaux-Arts classicism. Wonder at some frankly mixed-up buildings.

Meet Montague Place WC2, by the northern entrance to the British Museum, 10.15am for a 10.30 start. Gentle pace, pub lunch, finish approx, 3.30 by London Bridge.
Ride led by Mark Knox. Enquiries – 07765 945530.

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