Vauxhall Cross to be transformed?

It seems at long last things are beginning to happen at Vauxhall. At the Lambeth Cyclists May meeting we had discussions with a Lambeth transport planner working on the Vauxhall Cross redesign.

Following a positive consultation response earlier this year the council and Transport for London have agreed to implement changes to give the area a greater sense of place – a destination rather than just a transport interchange.

At our meeting we saw possible designs for two-way working on the gyratory system to make it more cycle friendly. Various other quiet routes through the area were discussed, using, for example, Miles Street as an additional signed route. A new bridge is also being considered from Nine Elms to Pimlico/ Chelsea. Draft Plans are expected to be published for consultation this Autumn with building of the new design due to start in 2017.

In our discussions we stressed that Vauxhall Cross cannot be taken in isolation – the surrounding roads such as Durham and Harleyford Streets and South Lambeth Road must also be considered as part of the scheme. Cycle superhighway 5, which will improve the situation for cyclists coming from the Oval, is being developed separately and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

TfL response to Vauxhall Cross consultation
Love Vauxhall

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