Lambeth Cyclists propose crossroads as replacement for Stockwell one-way system

In November 2014 TfL launched a consultation on improvements to the Stockwell gyratory system under its better junctions initiative. The Stockwell gyratory one-way system is located on the A3 Clapham Road near Stockwell underground station where Clapham, Stockwell and South Lambeth Roads meet. Despite improvements in recent years the junction still feels unsafe and unappealing for all but the most confident cyclists.

TfL image of new Stockwell junction on

TfL acknowledge that the current design is cycle and pedestrian unfriendly and is failing to cope with the doubling in cyclists seen since 2001. Tfl also stated that it wished to link the Memorial Gardens with the local area. To this end it has proposed changes to the road layout including removing the one-way gyratory system and moving the junction with South Lambeth Road to create a pedestrianised area linking the Gardens with the station area – see illustration above.

In our response to the consultation, agreed at our January meeting, we suggested that instead of the proposed road layout it would be better to have a crossroads linking South Lambeth Road and Stockwell Road. Public space could then be created outside Stockwell Terrace. We believe that this design would make the area more cycle friendly and cut down on the rat running on local roads which might follow the original proposals. We also included comments on the scheme as proposed suggesting measures such as a continuous cycle lane up South Lambeth Road to increase cycle capacity and prevent pedestrian/cyclist conflict. We expect TfL’s response to the consultation in the next few months, construction of the new road layout is expected to be completed by April 2016.

TfL Stockwell proposals
Lambeth Cyclists response to Stockwell Cross consultation

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