Tfl propose Space for Cycling in Stockwell: one-way system to be replaced by crossroads

Transport for London have released plans for Stockwell which will create real Space for Cycling with the transformation of the area to make it cycle and people-friendly.

In line with TfL’s recent proposals for Vauxhall Cross the one-way gyratory system on the A3 Clapham Road near Stockwell tube station will be replaced with a crossroads (as set out in the artist’s impression above). A new public space will be created linking the Memorial Gardens, currently in the middle of the gyratory system, with Stockwell tube station and the A203 South Lambeth Road.

The Stockwell gyratory system is used by thousands of cyclists daily and the number of cyclists using the junction has more than doubled since 2001. TfL are now planning for the future when they anticipate that the number of cyclists will continue to grow.

TfL have long recognised the danger for cyclists at this junction, it featured in the 100 dangerous junctions list and has long been in line for an upgrade to make it more cycle-friendly. Making the Stockwell gyratory system more cycle friendly has been one of our campaigning aims: Lambeth Cyclists welcome these proposals as a step towards making Lambeth and London more cycle-friendly.

In the proposals Tfl plan to

  • Separate cyclists from general traffic on Clapham Road between Stockwell Road and Stockwell Terrace and install a separate signal phase to allow cyclists to continue straight ahead whilst vehicles turning left are held at the lights.
  • Allow cyclists to enter the Clapham Road/Stockwell Road junction ahead of all other traffic by having a separate green signal for cyclists only.
  • Introduce new sections of cycle lanes on Stockwell Road and South Lambeth Road.
  • Make changes to the Advanced Stop Lines (ASL).  An ASL allows cyclists to wait in front of other traffic at lights and makes them more visible to other motorists.  Other vehicles wait at a second stop line behind the cyclist area. The space for cyclists would be increased to seven metres, to accommodate the increasing number of people cycling in the area.
  • Widen the bus lanes on Clapham Road, south of Stockwell Road and Binfield Road.  This would give cyclists room to pass buses without crossing into the lane with other moving traffic. To provide the extra space, we would reduce the width of footway on both sides of the road. On the side of the station entrance the pavement would be six metres wide, with approximately three metres width on the Post Office side.  The remaining footways would be wide enough for pedestrians, even at the busiest times of day.

To improve the area for the local community (that is us Lambeth residents) TfL would:

  • Remove the gyratory by closing the southern part of South Lambeth Road.
  • Connect Stockwell Memorial Garden, which curently lies in the centre of the gyratory, with the surrounding area.
  • Provide more trees and seating to make the area more pleasant and accessible for residents

The full proposals are available on the TfL website: Have your say on changes to Stockwell Cross

Consultation on the proposals is open to 18 January. We will be responding to the proposals and would urge all cyclists and local residents who use the junction to respond to the consultation.

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