The benefits of reducing through traffic: Support the Loughborough Junction and Myatt’s Fields proposals

Lambeth Cyclists member Clare Neely here reflects on the benefits that ending rat runs and making the streets more people friendly have brought to her area to the South of Coldharbour Lane in Lambeth SE5.

Clare wites
The high cost of my contents insurance does not reflect the low number of burglaries. As our local police officer puts it “thieves like rat runs, makes it easy for them to escape”

I watch the pleasure on the faces of people walking and cycling through the area, as they enjoy our quiet residential streets.

Many of my neighbours objected vehemently to the proposal to close Cambria Rd – “it will increase my journey time”, “the traffic on Herne Hill Road and Denmark Hill will come to a standstill” etc etc.

The traffic still flows as freely on Herne Hill Road, and Denmark Hill, probably  because many people now feel safe to walk and cycle, rather than drive.

Increase in journey time? Every neighbourhood is unique, but I found that because the amount of traffic was less without the rat running traffic, even though I had to drive further,  my overall journey time wasn’t very different.

Based on my experience, I am a passionate supporter of the scheme for Loughborough Junction and Myatt’s Fields.

I don’t want my neighbours in those  areas to be denied the enormous pleasure of walking, cycling, and living, on a quiet residential street, without rat running traffic.

Support the proposed changes to Loughborough Junction and Myatt’s Fields – complete the consultation form at

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