Have you considered putting yourself forward for the LCC Board of Trustees?

Do you want to be more involved in the London Cycling Campaign? Could you put yourself forward as a trustee?

The London Cycling Campaign, as a charity, is overseen by a Board of Trustees which is responsible for the overall strategy of the  organisation.

Elected by the LCC membership and working with the staff team, the Board governs the organisation and oversees everything from strategy development to finances.

Half of LCC’s Board of 10 trustees is elected each year, with each trustee serving a two year term. Only members of the London Cycling Campaign may stand for election. Candidates must be proposed and seconded by two other LCC members.

Board members come from diverse walks of life. Their backgrounds range from entrepreneurship to academic research; their experiences range from community volunteering to competitive sport. What they all have in common is a passion for cycling and for making London a better city, through cycling.

LCC needs people who can see the bigger picture, work well with fellow Board and committee members and who can bring to the table their ideas, enthusiasm and opinions. On a practical level, you will need to attend bimonthly board meetings and attend at least one committee, which can also meet up to six times a year. These meetings take place in the evening at LCC’s office near London Bridge, generally start at 6.30pm and last up to two hours.

If you have any questions about standing as a candidate in the trustee elections please contact agm@lcc.org.uk

There are five vacant seats in this year’s trustee election. The nominations deadline for candidates in this election is 9am on Monday 11 August 2014.

To stand, please complete the Board nomination form and return it to the London Cycling Campaign office, or email a scanned copy to agm@lcc.org.uk, by the above deadline.

Further information on the LCC website

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