How can we create space for cycling in Lambeth? Lambeth Cyclists Sustainable Transport Hustings meeting Wednesday 30 April 2014 7:30-9pm

Come along to our Sustainable Transport Hustings meeting in Stockwell on Wednesday 30 April 2014 to find out about what your next council will be doing for cycling and sustainable transport in Lambeth.

Lambeth Borough Council elections take place next month on Thursday 22 May 2014.

Over the next few days all the political parties in Lambeth will be launching their campaigns for this set of elections.

As in previous years we will be running a hustings meeting where we will be questioning the political parties on their policies on cycling and other sustainable transport issues.

Does each party support the Council’s cycling strategy? 

How can we make space for cycling in Lambeth? 

How can we get everyone age 8-80 cycling?

Do all parties support the proposed 20mph limit?

Do they share the vision to make Lambeth the best borough for cycling in London?

And how do these policies fit in with broader sustainable transport policies? 

And how do they propose to work with TfL? 

Come and find out what each party thinks at our sustainable transport hustings.

Cycling is supported by all the main political parties in Lambeth but there are differences of opinion in how far the council should go in encouraging cycling. It is useful to find out exactly where each party stands. The hustings event provides us with an excellent opportunity to raise cycling and transport issues and build alliances in all of the political parties. These set the scene and bring long-term benefits– current council leader Lib Peck for example came along as Labour Environment spokesperson to our hustings before the 2006 elections.

The Lambeth Cyclists Sustainable Transport Hustings meeting will take place on Wednesday 30 April 2014 7:30 – 9:00pm at the Stockwell Community Centre, 1 Studley Road, SW4 (behind Stockwell tube station) – bike parking available inside the gates.

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