Ward Asks Meet (& monthly meet) Tue Feb 18th

We’re still finalising a venue, but a reminder of the date and what we’ll be doing there – please do come along, Details will be put here as soon as venue is confirmed. Anticipate it’ll be a 7.30pm start.  We’ll have maps of each ward and determine our ask for each ward:

Ward Asks
Thank you to everyone who is working hard on your ward asks, I really have been blown away by some of the stuff you’ve been doing; creating maps, documents, organising meetings, creating spreadsheets – it’s all fantastic, and is going to give us a great start to the campaign! I’m going to send round some final guidance early next week with an updated Ask template sheet to fill in and a few final details just so everyone is clear on what they need to send in by the 28th February.
It’s important that we get your asks in a set format, as there will be 624 of them for us to manually input into our campaign database, which will be used to serve all the email actions to candidates and a wide range of campaign communications to  LCC members and supporters. I’ll send round next week in more detail but essentially for each ward ask, we will need:
1)      One short ‘ask’ sentence with which policy theme you have chosen and where this applies locally eg “Protected space for cycling along Southern Road”
2)      A 50 word summary of this ask – allowing you to elaborate and give more details as to what you’d like to see and where.
3)      A fuller description should you wish to include it – why you chose this ask, the current issues, any evidence, more comprehensive suggestions as to what needs to be done etc.
4)      A photo of the location
5)      A Google Streetmap link of the location so we can link to this
6)      If you are so inclined, a video can also be provided
REMINDER: You must only select ONE ask per ward – this ask must sit under one of the 6 policy themes.
  1. Safer Routes for schoolchildren
  2. Streets without through motor traffic
  3. Protected space on main roads/major junctions
  4. Safe cycle routes via parks and canals 
  5. 20mph speed limits
  6. Liveable town centres
Google Fusion Map of survey results in your borough
Don’t forget you can use the google fusion table of survey results to view the locations people identified in the survey in your borough. If you hover over the red dot, a comment and other info will appear.  
The table is enabled to let you download either csv or kml filtered results (and indeed the whole thing), you may find this useful to play around with the data.

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