Cycling towards the election: ward based campaign to highlight areas in need of improvement

Next May sees elections to Lambeth Borough Council and ahead of these we are preparing our campaign to ensure that the newly elected council keeps on making things better for cyclists on the roads its controls and through general council policy.

We want to ensure that the council delivers on its pledge to make Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London.

We are fortunate in Lambeth in that all parties on the council are broadly supportive of cycling.

Whilst it is easy to sign up to a pro-cycling strategy it is harder when local decisions in favour of cycling have to be made often in the face of vocal residents who fear that their parking spaces will be removed or they will be inconvenienced on their drive to the shops as a result of cycle friendly measures.

At our November meeting we were joined by LCC’s Amy Summers who ran through the broad LCC campaign ahead of the 2014 elections.

She said that LCC in conjunction with the local groups will be developing ‘Ward asks’ for local improvements which members will be contacting local prospective councillors to gain support.

Although still open for discussion we maybe will be developing this to have several ‘asks’ for each ward as well as broad Lambeth-wide asks reflecting the council’s cycling strategy and the borough-wide 20mph zone and safe routes to schools.

 We will be consulting with Lambeth Cyclists members to find out what will make cycling better in your area – watch our email group and website for further details. We also will be building up background information on who is standing for the council across Lambeth and how pro or anti cycling they may be so that we can tailor our campaigning as appropriate

Space For Cycling on

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