TfL frustration 2: Barrier makes temporary appearance on LCN 3 cycle route

At the beginning of November 2013 a barrier (photo right) appeared at the top of Meadow Road opposite the Oval cricket ground on London Cycle Network route 3 which travels from Clapham to Waterloo along back routes. The effect of the ill-thought out barrier was to make it dangerous for cyclists and for pedestrians by reducing the space for manoeuvre.

Barriers on LCN route 3 at Oval, now removed, on

It also made it harder for cyclists to join the often fast moving traffic by the cricket ground. It was unclear who had installed the barrier –TfL which is readying the road for the cycle superhighway nearby, Metropolitan Housing undertaking improvements to the nearby housing or Lambeth, responsible for the route. After complaints from our members to councillors and the GLA and contact from Lambeth Cabinet Members the barriers were removed a week later – cost of barrier installation and removal unknown

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