LCC Chief Executive demands Space4Cycling: London cycling death toll is utterly intolerable

London Cycling Campaign Chief Executive Ashok Singha has contributed an article to the Guardian  Bike Blog in which he demands that Mayor of London Boris Johnson makes changes to make London a truly cycle-friendly city.

See the full article: Guardian – London cycling death toll is utterly intolerable

London cycling death toll is utterly intolerable

Shocked. Appalled. Angry. As a cycling campaigner you steel yourself for the news of yet another cyclist being killed or seriously injured in a collision with a motor vehicle on London’s streets.

But the news of a woman being killed on the notorious Bow roundabout on Wednesday shook me. Maybe it was because it was the third such death at Bow.

Maybe it was because the London Cycling Campaign has consistently warned the mayor that his ‘early start’ traffic lights are flawed.

Or maybe it was because we have now seen five cyclists killed in collisions in our city in just over a week, with a spate of others being hit and now fighting for their lives in hospital.

 Unusually, this morning I woke up wondering when the next fatal collision might be. It wasn’t long before I received a text saying another cyclist had been killed late last night in a collision with a bus on cycle superhighway 2.

This death toll is utterly intolerable. One struggles to imagine the pain of the bereaved family and friends. Why should the simple act of using a bicycle to travel to work, school or to meet friends carry with it such risk? Would we tolerate this if the same risks were attached to tube travel, or driving?

Read more on the Guardian Bike Blog>>

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