Cyclists protest at danger from new barriers on Oval cycle route

London Cycle Network 3 sign on from Lambeth and beyond have been protesting at the addition of new barriers on London Cycle Network Route 3 at Meadow Road, SW8 opposite the Oval Cricket Ground. We have received several emails about this over the past few days from concerned Lambeth residents.

The new barriers are located at the top of Meadow Road which has been shared happily by cyclists and pedestrians for many years. 

New barriers on LCN route 3 at Oval on new barriers squeeze the pedestrian and cyclist traffic at this junction through a ‘chicane’ type arrangement.

This will inevitably lead to conflict between pedestrians and cyclists especially at busy times when significant numbers of people pass through this junction on bike and foot on their way to or from work or school.

Barriers create conflict between cyclists and pedestrians
Local resident Danny Williams commented that he did not see how these barriers improve safety. He stated “Firstly, for people cycling into Meadow Road, you can no longer safely turn off Kennington Oval with enough speed to avoid any oncoming traffic because there is a fence in your way.” 

New barriers 2 on LCN route 3 at Oval on

He added “It is impossible for two people to navigate at the same time – try cycling through this with a child and at rush hour, this junction is fairly busy. You now have several people on bikes and pedestrians all fighting over a narrow scrap of pavement instead of having space to move safely around each other.” 

“I cannot see a single way in which these barriers improve safety. They certainly make it considerably less attractive and less safe to use route 3. If there is an issue here with cyclist speeds (and bear in mind there have been no barriers here for years and years), then a speed hump would do the trick.” 

London Cycle Network Route 3, which runs from Clapham to Waterloo, is a route used by many cyclists as it travels along the backstreets rather than the busy A3 Clapham Road and A203 South Lambeth Road.

Improvements to the junction are expected to be implemented as part of Transport for London’s Cycle Superhighway 5 which passes along Kennington Oval – the latest plans for CS5 propose a shared use toucan crossing at this point to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

We at Lambeth Cyclists are concerned that these new barriers make the junction unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists and offer little benefit to either group and run contary to the aims of the Lambeth Cycling Strategy. We are in contact with Lambeth and will seek to clarify why this change has been made.

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