This Saturday why not Ride the Tube?

This Saturday, 21 September 2013, an exciting new event takes places: Ride the Tube is an urban exploration: cycle around London’s tube stations to gain points and answer questions about London.

Ride the Tube is an unusual mixture of urban orienteering and cycling in which riders will aim to accumulate as many points as possible by riding between tube stations. It’s a bit like the OMM Bike (previously Polaris Challenge) mountain bike events. There are points for each station, and riders have to come up with their own routes between them.

The £25 entry fee allows you to ride in a team of up to five, or on your own.

You’ll be given a ‘mascot’ when you collect your entry pack from Trafalgar Square at the beginning of the day, and as you make your way round the city you’ll check in at each station by taking a photo of the station, a bicycle, and the mascot.

The points value of each station won’t be revealed until the start of the event, so participants will have to plan their strategy and route on the day. We’re willing to bet that Epping will be worth more points than Charing Cross, Brixton or Victoria though.

As well as prizes for the top three on points, there will be mini-challenges through the day.

Entry fees will all go into prizes and donations to charity. Half the proceeds will be split between three charities: London Cycling Campaign, Wheels for Wellbeing and Herne Hill Velodrome Trust.

Find out more and sign up on the Ride the Tube website

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