Good News for Cyclists: Lambeth to be most cycle friendly borough in London

Lambeth will be the most cycle-friendly borough in London where 8 – 80 year olds feel safe enough to cycle.

That is the vision of Lambeth Council’s new Cycling Strategy which is set to be adopted by the Council’s Cabinet at their meeting on 8 July 2013. The new Strategy offers a vision of an exciting new era where cycling in Lambeth goes from being a specialised activity undertaken by a select group to being the norm for Lambeth with cyclists reflecting the diversity of the local population.

The Cycling Strategy has 10 clear aims

  • Aim 1: Create safe and attractive streets for cycling through a mix of measures including a borough-wide 20 mph speed limit.
  • Aim 2: Encouraging and enabling a range of people to cycle so that Lambeth’s cycling population reflects the local population
  • Aim 3: Create a high quality network of routes with a variety of routes for different ages and abilities.
  • Aim 4: Reduce through traffic on residential streets where appropriate
  • Aim 5: Provide secure cycle parking at both ends of cycle trips
  • Aim 6: Promote modal shift to walking and cycling.
  • Aim 7: Increase the number of children cycling and make cycling to school the norm.
  • Aim 8: Improve road user behaviour through education, training and enforcement
  • Aim 9: Establish a local demonstration area to focus a range of cycle measures and showcase what can be achieved.
  • Aim 10: Deliver the strategy through co-operative working.
These aims were drawn up in consultation with stakeholder groups including Lambeth Cyclists and others with an interest in the local area. In particular the aims and vision came from a widely publicised and well attended Lambeth Cycling Conference held at the end of April (see summary and video).

The strategy takes a holistic approach showing how cycling not only offers cheap and reliable transport but also has a place promoting wellbeing and prosperity for all of Lambeth as well as cutting crime and promoting stronger communities.

This strategy will allow Lambeth to bid for funding from the Mayor of London who set out his own Vision for Cycling in which he pledges over £900million over the next 10 years to support cycling infrastructure improvements. Other measures will be funded from existing Transport Department budgets.

Lambeth Cyclists welcome this bold new strategy for cycling in Lambeth building on the borough’s long history of supporting cycling under all administrations. We share the vision of making Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London and look forward to working with the Council to achieve this vision. 

New Lambeth Council Cycling Strategy

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