Lambeth Cycle Conference considers how to make Lambeth the most cycle friendly borough in London

At the end of April a group of cyclists, council officers and politicians met together at the first Lambeth Cycling Conference.

The aim of the event, which was widely advertised, was to put flesh on the council’s aspiration to be the most cycle friendly borough in London.

The video below was filmed at the event and offers a good summary of the discussions

Leader of the Council Lib Peck set the scene and our own Charlie Holland and officers from the transport department added their thoughts of where we wanted to be in terms of cycling.

Following workshop discussions we came up with a shared vision and identified barriers to getting there. The council will seek to put the vision into practice through a bid to TfL for project funding from the cycling fund.

As well as the Council Leader the conference was attended by the two other Cabinet Members who have a direct impact on cycle policy at the strategic level: both seem to ‘get’ cycling.

This initiative has the potential to make all the difference – the political will seems to be there to really transform Lambeth into the most cycle friendly borough in London.

Lambeth Cyclists welcomes the political commitment given by the current council to increase cycling in the borough.

We were concerned that others who impact on cycling – such as representatives of TfL, the Police, local employers and local schools were not in attendance nor were opposition councillors. If the vision is to be realised it must be shared across the borough.

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