In pursuit of Spring 2013

One hundred years ago today, on Good Friday 1913, poet Edward Thomas (born in Lambeth in 1878)set out on a self-exploratory ride from Clapham Common to the Mendip Hills.

He wrote about it in his book In Pursuit of Spring

Before reaching the fields around Garrett lane he came across this:
“The suburban by-streets already looked rideable: but they were false prophets : the main roads were very different. For example, the surface between the west end of Nightingale Lane and the top of Burntwood Lane was fit only for fancy cycling in and out among a thousand lakes a yard wide and three inches deep. These should either have been stocked with gold-fish and aquatic plants or drained, but some time had been allowed to pass without either course being adopted.”

Tomorrow Pat from Laurel Books leaves Clapham Common on an anniversary ride, searching for spring.

LCC’s Charlie Lloyd will be riding the same route departing on Good Friday 2013 – follow his experiences on his Tumblr page.

Thanks to Charlie for this fascinating information.

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