Census shows Lambeth has one of lowest levels of car ownership in UK

58% of Lambeth residents do not own car 

Results from the 2011 census published in December 2012 show that 58% of households in Lambeth do not own a car – up from 51% in the previous 2001 census.

This pattern of low car ownership is largely true of all inner London boroughs regardless of political leadership and wealth/poverty– looking at Lambeth’s neighbours for example in Southwark the same proportion do not own a car whilst in Westminster its is higher with 63% of residents not owning a car. Wandsworth, where 45% of residents do not own a car, is more like the London-wide patterns but still has significantly lower levels of car ownership than overall England and Wales figure where only 26% of households do not own a car.

The low levels of car ownership are a reminder to Lambeth and other London policy makers and politicians that they should be prioritising walking, cycling and public transport over the needs of the private car and motorists.

Further information including rankings of local authorities on the ONS Census 2011 website

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