Boris Bikes coming to SW8, SW9 and SW4

Transport for London’s ‘Boris Bikes’ cycle hire scheme is coming deeper into Lambeth – in December and January planning applications were submitted to Lambeth Council for new docking stations mainly located along Wandsworth Road and in the Stockwell area (see below for list of locations.)

Lambeth will consider these applications over the next few weeks and once planning permission has been agreed work will start on installing the new cycle facilities. It is understood that more planning applications for docking stations will be forthcoming.

Barclays Cycle Hire sign in Kennington on new locations will complement the existing Barclays cycle hire locations which are centred around the North of the borough in the Vauxhall, Kennington, Southbank and Waterloo areas

List of proposed Barclays cycle  hire locations
Footway Adjacent to Keybridge House, South Lambeth Rd SW8
Land at junction of Albert Square And Clapham Road SW8
Land adjacent to Heathbrook Hall, Heath Road SW8 
Opposite 663 – 671 Wandsworth Road SW8
Opposite 567 – 573 Wandsworth Road SW8
Opposite 125 South Lambeth Road SW8
Opposite 124 Clapham Road SW9 
Carriageway adjacent 19-24 Barton Court, Clarence Walk SW4
Pavement outside 282-294 Clapham Road SW9
Pavement outside bus garage, Lansdowne Way SW8
Pavement between 438 and 460 Wandsworth Road SW8
Pavement outside 1-40 Hindlip House, Wandsworth Road SW8
Carriageway opposite Courland Grove Baptist Chapel SW8
Carriageway adjacent Oasis Nature Garden Larkhall Lane SW4
Footway adjacent to Aston House, Wandsworth Road SW8
Carriageway adjacent Stamford Street Halls, Cornwall Road SE1 Lambeth Palace Road SE1
Footway Adjacent To Archbishops Park, Lambeth Palace Road London SE1

(the planning applications can all be found on the Lambeth website – search for Barclays on the planning applications database)

TfL Cycle Hire webpage

If you need to hire a bike in Lambeth for a longer time period than that offered by the Barclays bikes the excellent London Bicycle Tour Company in Gabriels Wharf SE1 offer a range of bikes for hire.

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