Shawcross re-elected

In the London elections Labour’s Valerie Shawcross was re-elected as London Assembly Member for Lambeth and Southwark with a greatly increased majority.

Second was the Conservative candidate Michael Mitchell. Liberal Democrat Rob Blackie narrowly beat Green Party candidate Jonathan Bartley to third place.

As in 2008 in the Mayoral elections voters in Lambeth and Southwark voted overwhelmingly for Ken Livingstone.

We look forward to continuing to work with Val as our representative.

Full results for London Assembly seat
Valerie Shawcross, Labour, 83,239 votes (52.8% of total votes cast)
Michael Mitchell, Conservative, 30,537 votes (19.4% of total)
Rob Blackie, Liberal Democrat, 18,359 votes (11.7% of total)
Jonathan Bartley, Green Party, 18,144 votes (11.5% of total)
James Fluss, UKIP, 4,395 votes (2.8% of total)
Daniel Lambert, Socialist Party (UK), 2,938 votes (1.9% of total)
Turnout 37.3%

London-wide results for Lambeth and Southwark (voters voted for party)
Labour 78,174 votes (49.4% of total)
Conservative 30,498 votes (19.3%)
Green Party 20,151 votes (12.7%)
Liberal Democrats 15,945 votes (10.1%)
UKIP 4,216 votes (2.7%)
Christian Peoples Alliance 2,591 votes (1.6%)
BNP 2,048 votes (1.3%)
Trade Union and Socialist Coalition 1,891 votes (1.2%)   
English Democrats 1,075 votes (0.7%)
The House Party 695 votes (0.4%)
National Front 468 votes (0.3%)
Ijaz Hayat (Independent) 335 votes (0.2%)
Rathy Alagaratnam (Independent) 62 votes

London Mayoral election results: how Lambeth and Southwark voted
Ken Livingstone, Labour, 108,972 votes (37.7%)
Boris Johnson, Conservative, 63,779 votes (22.1%)
Jenny Jones, Green Party, 40,288 votes (14.0%)
Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrats, 39,312 votes (13.6%)
Siobhan Benita, Independent, 23,149 votes (8.0%)
Lawrence Webb, UKIP, 8,972 votes (3.1%)
Carlos Cortiglia, BNP, 4,321 votes (1.5%)

Further details and full London-wide results on the London Elects website

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