Hundreds of Lambeth Cyclists call on next London Mayor to Go Dutch

Lambeth Cyclists Press Release: Hundreds of Lambeth Cyclists call on next London Mayor to Go Dutch

On Saturday 28 April 2012 hundreds of cyclists from across Lambeth joined with more than 10,000 other people calling on the candidates for London Mayor to make London more cycle friendly.

lambeth Cyclists ride gathers on Clapham Common, SW4

The ride was organised by the London Cycling Campaign as part of it ‘Love London Go Dutch’ campaign. This is calling on the next London Mayor to learn lessons from cities such as Amsterdam and make London more bike and people friendly.

Lambeth Cyclists, the local Lambeth borough group of LCC, arranged a ride of over 100 people up to the ride’s starting point on Park Lane picking up cyclists from Streatham Hill, Brixton and Clapham.

Hundreds more cyclists from across Lambeth made their way directly to Hyde Park from where the ride set off.

London Cycling Campaign Big Ride heads down Piccadilly

Ride Leader Chris James of Streatham commented “We were really pleased with the great turnout. Despite the rain we had over 100 people on our ride. It was great to join up with the thousands of other cyclists in central London. We were sending a serious message to all the Mayoral candidates that they must do something to make London better for all cyclists.”

 Clare Neely of Loughborough Junction added “Cycling in Lambeth and across London has increased since 2000 and measures such as the bike hire scheme have raised the profile of cycling. However people still think its too dangerous; many more people across Lambeth and London would go by bike if they felt the roads were safer. We want the new Mayor to commit to making the roads safer for everyone.”

Philip Loy of Streatham who is Borough Co-ordinator of Lambeth Cyclists commented “We are realistic that things wont change overnight but over time London regenerates itself. If the new Mayor applied the Going Dutch principles to junctions such as Vauxhall Cross or the Oval junction he could make a real difference for London’s cyclists and pedestrians.”

Further information on the Love London Go Dutch campaign is on the London Cycling Campaign website

More photos of the day on our Facebook page, see also IbikeLondon and coverage on BBC News, ITN and Sky News as well as various newspapers – full details on the LCC main website

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