Junctions review looking at Oval, Stockwell, Clapham South and Vauxhall junctions

Over the past few weeks we have been working with other LCC colleagues to look at the top 10 list of dangerous Transport for London junctions, several of which are located in Lambeth.

A23 Oval Junction signWe have been providing feedback and suggestions for the central LCC review team which will be coming up with proposals to make the junctions near Oval tube station and Clapham South tube station safer for cyclists as well as looking at ways in which the one way gyratory systems that operate near Stockwell and Vauxhall stations can be made better for cyclists.

Our guiding principles have been to work up practical solutions which will make the junctions safer for all cyclists by simplifying road layouts, giving priority to cyclists and pedestrians and moving towards two way working at these locations.

We hope that LCC’s input will be considered by Transport for London and that the junctions can be made more cycle and people friendly.

We welcome TfL’s recognition that safer junctions are better for everyone – whether cyclist, pedestrian, public transport user or car driver. We look forward to further working with TfL to apply Going Dutch principles to the

This will not be a quick process and to do it properly will require considerably more unding than the £15million announced in the budget. We look forward to ongoing discussions. For further information on the junctions review and to get involved contact Clare Neely – email lambeth_cyclists@hotmail.com.

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