Fill up with air on Kennington Road, SE1: new public bicycle pump installed

Lambeth have installed a new bike pump on Kennington Road in SE1, outside the Three Stags pub and near to the Imperial War Museum which will allow passing cyclists to stop and pump up their tyres on what is Lambeth’s busiest cycling route.

Public bike pump on Kennington Road, Lambeth SE1

The pump has been installed by innovative cycle infrastructure designers Cycle Hoop who have been responsible for many of the other Lambeth innovations such as the 1car = 10 bikes cycle parking facility.

Lambeth Council’s Richard Ambler commented “Most service infrastructure on our streets is for cars or other motorised transport. Installing a service like this pump supports the image of cycling as an important and valid form of transport.”
He went on “I chose this location because it’s the busiest cycle route in Lambeth, it’s on most commuters’ home route so they will be more inclined to stop and use it, and it’s at a set of traffic lights where cyclists will be stopped waiting. I think it’s an attractive and unusual piece of street furniture and it sends the message that we care about cyclists.” 

Lambeth Cyclists welcome the arrival of a new and innovative piece of street furniture. The bicycle pump is a great addition to the public realm to make cycling that much easier, and is a strong signal that cycling is an important aspect of transport in the borough of Lambeth. It’s also great that a young and innovative local company like Cyclehoop is able to supply the pump. We hope to see more of them in the future!

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