Junctions under the spotlight

Transport for London have promised to carry out a review of major junctions across London following the publication of the top 10 dangerous junctions lists detailed in the last newsletter. Several of these top 10 dangerous junctions are in Lambeth or, like Elephant and Castle, are likely to be used by Lambeth cyclists.

TfL have started with proposals for the Bow junction in East London and will be reviewing others shortly to see how they can be improved. Keep in touch with the Lambeth Cyclists email list, website and Facebook page to find out whats happening and to add your comments when TfL draw up plans for key junctions in Lambeth.

Tulse Hill gyratory
People unfriendly Tulse Hill gyratory system on lambethcyclists.org.uk 
One cycle-unfriendly road feature which we will be pushing for inclusion in the TfL review is the Tulse Hill gyratory system (pictured) in the South of borough. Although overshadowed by more dangerous one-way road systems such as the Vauxhall gyratory the one-way system and series of traffic lights in Tulse Hill town centre does not feel safe for cyclists or pedestrians. 

Arguably too the road layout hinders development of the town centre shops too as it makes it hard for customers to cross to the ‘island’ of shops in the middle of the gyratory. This is one of the issues we hope to raise, along with Vauxhall Cross, with politicians standing in Lambeth and Southwark at our hustings meeting in April.

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