West Norwood goes car free

Norwood Car Free Street sign on lambethcyclists.org.uk

Car Free Day this year in Lambeth saw Norwood High Street closed to motor traffic with the usual traffic queues replaced with music, dancing, food and fun.

Lambeth Cyclists contributed to the occasion by handing out cycling information, talking to people about cycling in Lambeth and demonstrating our pedal powered music machine.

Lambeth Cyclists stall at West Norwood Car Free Day on lambethcyclists.org.uk

The road closed forms part of the West Norwood gyratory system and was an illustration for local residents of what could happen if the one way system was returned to two way working. The general feedback we picked up on was that people were positive about the changes and it was noticeable that the traffic appeared to be flowing freely with no ill effects due to the removal of the gyratory for the day.

Car Free Day in Westnorwood on lambethcyclists.org.uk

We in Lambeth Cyclists would like to see all gyratory systems in the borough removed as we believe that they are detrimental to pedestrians, cyclists, bus users and ultimately car drivers. We hope that Lambeth and Transport for London will continue to work to make Norwood High Street and the surrounding roads better for all road users.

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