Lambeth Transport Plan published

Lambeth Transport Plan cover on

The 2011 Lambeth Transport Plan has been published setting out the borough’s transport priorities for the next 20 years.

The plan, often referred to as a Local Implementation Plan or LIP, is a response to the Loindon-wide Mayor of London’s Transport Plan setting out how the strategic policies will be implemented locally.

Lambeth have pledged to encourage more cycling and other forms of sustainable transport and reduce the real and perceived danger on Lambeth’s roads.

The council is proposing a new ‘Neighbourhood Enhancemoent Programme’ approach which will work to ensure that ‘hard’ engineering measures such as traffic humps are complemented by softer measures such as planting trees, establishing cycle parking and making the area more pedestrian friendly.

We are pleased to see that cycling and sustainable transport has been given priority in the plan.

Lambeth – Lambeth Transport Plan 2011

See also Lambeth 2011 Local Implementation Plan draft published

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