Vauxhall Cross named as one of London’s top 10 worst gyratories

The Guardian today carries an article listing London’s top 10 worst gyratories. Lambeth’s Vauxhall Cross gyratory is listed at number five.

Vauxhall Cross (photo from Cyclists in the City blog)

The Guardian Bike Blog article states:

5: Vauxhall Cross
With five lanes for cars, one for buses and cycle lanes squeezed onto narrow pavements around the outside, here the car is king. At crossings, cyclists and pedestrians squeeze onto small islands while traffic rages around a bus depot in the centre of this oversized roundabout. With limited crossing facilities heading north from the bus station a few try to cross it on foot. As with other gyratories, traffic comes in fast, angry waves with aggressive responses to anyone holding up traffic, even to taxis picking up fares from outside a supermarket.

Guardian  Bike Blog – London’s worst 10 gyratories

Lambeth Cyclists have been campaigning for the removal of the Vauxhall Crosss gyratory for many years as we believe it is unsafe for cyclists and pedestrians. Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone outlined plans in 2003 to abolish Vauxhall Cross and other gyratories in London as part of his long term transport strategy. Recent indications from TfL suggest that change may again be on the horizon. We live in hope.

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