One car parking space = 10 bike parking spaces

Lower Marsh SE1 - 10 bike parking spaces in the space of 1 car parking space on

On Lower Marsh, near to Waterloo Station, in Lambeth SE1 Lambeth Council have installed a cycle parking facility that dramatic illustrates the efficiency of bike parking when compared to car parking: 1 car = 10 bikes.

Lambeth have used these illustrations at events before but have now installed it for one month on the street. If this trialis successful it is hoped that car parking spaces across the borough can be converted into cycle parking along these lines reducing the need for cyclists to chain bikes to signs and railings etc which can obstruct the pavement.

Richard Ambler, Lambeth’s Cycling Officer, says, “Lower Marsh is a good test bed because it has high cycle parking stress and very limited footway space. It is also a good way of testing demand before installing something more permanent. However, I’d like to see if we can install a perment one of these somewhere else in the borough.”

Lambeth Council are asking for feedback to be emailed to

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