Lambeth Council press release announcing Southbank campaign

Lambeth Council press release – see pdf version on Lambeth website

28 March 2011
Awareness sessions urge considerate use of the South Bank area

A new campaign is being launched this week in the South Bank area to encourage cyclists, pedestrians and drivers to be more aware of other road users.

Members of cycling campaign group Lambeth Cyclists will join with council staff and police to stop and talk to cyclists on the south bank of the river who are spotted riding fast or too close to pedestrians.

They will be encouraged to slow down and think about the safety of those on foot. Police officers will also be stopping drivers on the road parallel to the south bank, which is a designated cycle route, if they block the cyclist advanced stop lines, or are spotted using mobile phones or driving dangerously in other ways.

The sessions are in response to concerns about conflict between pedestrians and cyclists. Whilst the majority of cyclists use this area considerately, a small number of aggressive cyclists who travel at speed have provoked a number of complaints from pedestrians about this intimidating behaviour. Additionally, a number of cyclists have complained about the parallel route on the road, feeling threatened by inconsiderate

The planned awareness sessions follow on from a well-received campaign on Clapham Common which sought to ease the interaction of pedestrians and cyclists.

Cllr Nigel Haselden, Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Transport, said: “We want walking and cycling in Lambeth to be as attractive as possible and the way we share our public spaces and thoroughfares is an important part of achieving this.

“This campaign encourages less vulnerable road users to consider the safety and well-being of the more vulnerable, whether they are cyclists, motorists or pedestrians. This can be particularly important in parts of the South Bank where cyclists and pedestrians share a busy and confined space. Our message here and in Clapham is “Pedestrian Priority – Considerate Cycling Welcomed”. The sessions on Clapham Common were very successful and I’m really glad that we have Lambeth Cyclists working with us on this latest project, as their support is invaluable.”

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