Signs urging considerate cycling appear on Clapham Common

You may have seen signs such as the one pictured on the Clapham Common cycle route suggesting that you cycle with consideration for pedestrians, with a quoted speed limit of 8 mph. Some people have questioned the legality and enforceability of such a stipulation and see it as putting an unfair burden on cyclists.

Whilst this may be true, it is also a pragmatic approach by the council to address the concerns of some Common users about the speeds of a minority of cyclists.

The council has been under pressure to address complaints, and rather than an outright ban (which some people would push for), measures to encourage considerate use is by far a better outcome, and at least acknowledges that cyclists have a right to use the common.

Lambeth Cyclists upholds the policy of a ‘hierarchy of road users’ which aspires to prioritise the needs of more vulnerable users. In parks this means pedestrians, whilst on the road this means cyclists as well as
pedestrians so please cycle considerately across the Common.

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