Lambeth Cyclists architecture ride report: 27 November 2010 Deco Decadence or West London in the Jazz Age

The Art Deco style, which swept through Europe in the ’20s and ’30s, brought the streamlined glamour of Cadillac cars and Cunard liners to the design of everything from town halls to teapots, forming an elegant bridge between the Classicism of the early 1900s and the Modernism of the mid-century.

In London it is above all the style of the suburbs, whose characteristic building types – cinemas, tube stations, factories and roadhouses – became the classic expressions of the architectural new wave.

On this ride we looked at some of west London’s sexiest Deco confections, from the famous to the frankly obscure; preparing for glimpses of jazz-age sophistication where you least expect them…

Ride report on Kennington People on Bikes blog

Our thanks goes to Hannah Parham and David Garrard of English Heritage for leading another superb ride.

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