Lambeth Cyclists architecture ride report: 31 July 2010 London bridges

Birdge at Royal Opera House on

For this ride we journeyed to the edge of architecture and took a daring leap to join hands with engineering.

The two disciplines have co-operated, not always happily, in the design and construction of bridges.

But where does engineering end and architecture begin? What architectural statements do we want bridges to make? Would bndges be simpler and more elegant if left to engineers? Is there such a thing as pure construction? What happens when artists and sculptors get involved?

We considered these and other overarching questions as we sought out bridges old, new, modest, and grand – bridges over canals, rivers, roads, docks and alleys.

Thanks to Mark Knox for leading the ride. The photo shows the Bridge of Sighs, Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.

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