Lambeth Cyclists architecture ride report: 15 May 2010 rock ‘n roll ride

A Lambeth Cyclists rock and roll extravaganza!

Abbey Road cover on

This ride looked at buildings and places in London with some famous and not-so-famous connections with the music legends of our time.

The ride looked at musical connections locally in Lambeth, then headed for Central London via Battersea Park, Chelsea, Camden and Hampstead Heath. We then went due south to end our ride in Waterloo.

Some of the celebrities with connections with the places we looked at include The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, The Clash, Pink Floyd, plus links with various movements such as Punk and New Romanticism.

Brixton sqaure on
Meeting up at Brixton to check out our first reference, Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant
Stockwell birthplace of David Bowie on
The Stockwell birthplace of Mr David Bowie
Cyclists Clapham Common on
A gentle stroll through Clapham Common – now really up the junction for cyclists with the current signal arrangement on Cedars Road
Vivienne Westwood's shop on
Outside the site of Clapham resident Vivienne Westwood’s old shop where Malcolm McLaren started the Sex Pistols and the Punk movement
Pointing out Rolling Stones location on
Vivian points out where the Rolling Stones used to hang out and the site of the landmark psychedelic shop ‘Granny Takes A Trip
Looking at Battersea Power Station on
Checking out the scene that was used for the Pink Floyd album cover ‘Animals’
outside Buckingham Palace on
Near the spot where the Sex Pistols signed their record contract to release the controversial single ‘God Save The Queen’ in time for the Silver Jubilee
Picnic in Hyde Park on
Picnic lunch in Hyde Park near the location of the Rolling Stones free concert in 1969
House in Mayfair on
Jimi Hendrix and George Frideric Handel were neighbours on Brook Street in Mayfair, albeit over 200 years apart
Sit of Beatles' last concert on
Get Back – the building where The Fab Four did their rooftop gig and the last time they played together
Looking for the Ziggy spot on Heddon St on
Looking for the exact spot in Heddon Street where Ziggy Stardust stood for the album cover
crossing Abbey Road on bike on
We re-enact the famous album cover on Abbey Road, but with bikes!
Former Blitz club on
Outside the site of the former Blitz Club – birthplace of the New Romantic music movement and home to the likes of Steve Strange, Spandau Ballet, with Boy George as the cloakroom attendant.
View of Waterloo Bridge on
On the way back to Lambeth and our spiritual Waterloo Sunset

Ride led by Vivian McClew and Philip Loy
A Lambeth Cyclists ride
(photos: Philip Loy)

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