Lambeth Cyclists’ manifesto for cycling in Lambeth

In collaboration with LCC central and following discussion at our January meeting we have prepared a manifesto for cycling in Lambeth.

These are the measures that we think will make Lambeth a more cycle friendly borough.

Our main demands: what we would like the political parties to implement if elected.

Increase cycling in Lambeth
• Back an investment plan that will achieve a cycle use target of 20% of all journeys under five miles in the borough by 2031.

Reduce danger
• Reduce danger by setting a 20mph default speed limit in built up areas.
• Work with the Mayor of London to improve cycle safety on red routes controlled by Transport for London.
• Encourage Lambeth businesses to extend cycle awareness training to all staff.

Promote cycling
• Continue the successful policy of offering on-road cycling training for all school children and subsidised training on demand for all adults living and working in the borough.
• Encourage parents and guardians to cycle and walk with their children to school.
• Encourage healthy living by maintaining and improving the current programme of cycle promotion and consider new initiatives such as car free Sundays.

Encourage cycling by ensuring adequate safe cycle parking
• Encourage Lambeth businesses and organisations to offer sufficient cycle parking for all staff. Start by ensuring that all Council buildings and schools offer this facility.
• Ensure that adequate cycle parking is provided across the borough at shopping, leisure and other public facilities.
• Ensure that all developments of residential premises include secure cycle parking within the home for all residents.
• Ensure that all developments of business premises include adequate secure cycle parking for staff and visitors

Improve planning and highways in the borough
• Extend the successful policy of training front line Council staff in cycle awareness to transport planners, highway engineers and others whose actions have an impact on cyclists on the ground.
• Make local cycle journeys easier by reallocating highway space to cycling, by for example, making one way streets two-way for cyclists and removing through routes for motor traffic.
• Continue investment in the London Cycle Network and ensure that the cycle lanes provided meet the needs of cyclists.
• Consider introducing a Controlled Parking Zone for all streets across the borough to reduce traffic and congestion.

Promote cycling to Lambeth Borough Council staff
• Encourage Lambeth Borough Council staff to cycle by signing up to the Government’s Cycle to Work guarantee scheme and providing cycle mileage allowances equal to car mileage allowances. Ensure that this scheme is regularly publicised to all staff.

These measures will be discussed at the hustings meeting on 20 April 2010– come along and find out how the parties compare on cycling policy

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