Lambeth wins LCC award

Congratulations to Lambeth Borough Council on winning the LCC’s Best Workplace Initiative award for its innovative cyclist awareness raising campaign for drivers of Council vehicles.
Starting with Veolia waste disposal lorry drivers the Council has been running training sessions to highlight blind spots which may mean they do not see cyclists.
The drivers then go out on bikes with CTUK instructors for a two hour cycle around the borough to give them an idea of how cycling along busy roads with large vehicles alongside appears from a cyclist’s perspective. The aim is to raise awareness amongst drivers and try to avoid collisions, especially between cyclists and left turning lorries. As part of the project the Council has also been out and about giving cyclists and pedestrians the opportunity at events such as the Lambeth Country Show to sit in lorry cabs to get the lorry driver’s perspective. Training is also available for cyclists in road positioning and assertive riding to avoid potentially dangerous situations. The Council will be making the training available to all council drivers and hopes to make it available to all employers in Lambeth.

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