At last two way for Brixton Hil!

After more than 10 years of campaigning by Lambeth Cyclists and campaigns by local interest groups and local residents on Sunday 15 November Brixton Hill became two way for traffic. Now when coming South down Brixton Road towards Streatham cyclists will not have to endure the dangerous gyratory system by St Matthews Church (or undertake illegal moves to avoid the gyratory). Instead road users can travel straight ahead from Brixton town centre past the Town Hall and up the hill.

Other measures such as the removal of the central railings in Brixton Road, raised crossings and the widening of pavements all aim to slow down the traffic and make the area, the administrative heart of Lambeth, more people friendly. The scheme is part of the Windrush Square regeneration of Brixton centre by Transport for London and Lambeth Borough Council which will be completed in 2010.

Our campaign to abolish the gyratory started out with the collection of evidence at a cycle count. This led to the Brixton Triangle report in late 1998 with proposals including abolition of the gyratory. We will be carrying out a similar study in Spring 2010 to gather evidence on the effect of the new road layout.

Lambeth Cyclists Borough Co-ordinator Philip Loy writes
“On a bright crisp morning in October 1998 Lambeth Cyclists volunteers stood around various points of what was then known as the Brixton Triangle, counting and recording the number of cyclists that used the gyratory system.

With a ready supply of coffee and pastries, we were helping to get rid of the very cycle-unfriendly one-way system around St Matthew’s Church.

The return to two-way working on the A23 is very welcome news. Things are still not perfect, but this change should in itself make things much better for cycling. Cycle campaigning can seem frustrating at times, but this just goes to show that with enough pressure over enough time, things can happen for the better. A big thank you to all those who came out for that count 11 years ago, and to everyone who has helped us since.”

For further information on the scheme see

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