Cycling Superhighways come to Lambeth

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has given the go-ahead for 12 ‘cycle superhighway’ routes which will provide direct, fast routes along the major Transport for London roads (such as the A3, A24 etc) into central London mainly for commuting purposes. Three of the proposed cycle superhighway routes (Kingston- Westminster, South Wimbledon- Bank and Penge-Bank) are set to pass through Lambeth.

The Wimbledon to Bank route is set to be launched in May 2010 – one of the first tranche of routes. In preparation for this several members of Lambeth Cyclists have been working with TfL to look at the route through the formal Cycle Route Inspection Meeting (CRIM) process whereby we cycle the proposed route looking for barriers and improvements that could be made.

The most obvious different feature of the new superhighway routes will be the extra-wide blue road markings, an idea taken from Copenhagen. As we go to press various members of LCC are meeting to discuss what we should be demanding from TfL regarding these routes. Watch this space

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