Lambeth Cyclists enjoy action packed Bike Week 2009

Bike Week 2009 in Lambeth was as action packed as ever with rides, breakfast and a barbecue. A new feature unveiled this year was our cycle powered sound system which starred at events providing music and provoking interest from passers by.

At the start of the week we enjoyed another Bike Breakfast catching people on their way in to work to offer free Dr Bike repairs and give out information on cycling in the borough and events in Bike Week. This event saw the unveioling of our new bike powered sound system, the latest in our set of wheezes to attract the non-cyclists amongst us, – it seemed to go down very well. Thanks again to Lambeth Accord for letting us host the breakfast at 336 Brixton Road.

Brixton Academy on

On the Thursday we attended the Lambeth Council run barbecue and Dr Bike session in Ruskin park where our cycle powered sound system (above) gained admiring glances and then at the end of the week we had a ride around “Lambeth’s Greatest Hits”. This ride attracted 27 people, including many newcomers, and visited noteworthy buildings in our own borough which had featured in previous rides. So we viewed a wide range of ages and styles, from the 12th to the 21st century.

We took in well-known landmarks like the Broxton Academy (pictured, right), Lambeth Palace and the National Theatre, but also some more obscure delights such as the ex-Necropolis Railway Station, Clapham’s hidden Georgian crescent, and some recently-completed eco-council-housing.

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