Lambeth Cyclists Annual Meeting hears from Transition Town Brixton

At our annual meeting in April we heard from Patrick of the transport group of Transition Town Brixton. In a wide ranging presentation Patrick introduced the Transition Town concept and ran through the ways in which Brixton and wider Lambeth could be made more environmentally friendly and less dependent upon oil. In particular he highlighted ways of encouraging cycling and asked for our ideas and suggestions for working together.

We will be reviewing the results of the meeting to come up with ways in which we can work with Transition Town Brixton. More information on Transition Town Brixton can be found at

At the Annual Meeting we also reviewed the past year and elected a new Management Committee to oversee Lambeth Cyclists.

After a closely fought contest the following were elected:
Borough Coordinator: Philip Loy, Treasurer: Olivia Christophersen,
Council Liaison: Clare Neely, Rides: Chris James, Membership and newsletter: Luke Evans, Projects: Mike Cavenett, Publicity and external affairs: Charlie Holland.

The 2008-2009 Committee were thanked for their hard work.

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