Lambeth consults on bike hire locations in North Lambeth

Lambeth Council is consulting on the London cycle hire scheme – in particular, the proposed sites in North Lambeth.

Please contact us if you wish to inform the feedback of Lambeth Cyclists to the scheme.
Consultation documents are downloadable from the Council’s website:
Click here for London cycle hire scheme in Lambeth

Note that the Council’s deadline for comments is Friday 6 March 2009, so our deadline needs to be Friday 27th February to ensure all comments are considered.

Alternatively you can provide feedback at the events below:
Tuesday 24 February 2009
Lilian Baylis College323 Kennington Lane
London SE11 5QY
between 5.00pm and 7.30pm

Wednesday 25 February 2009
Johanna Primary School
Johanna Street
London SE1 7RH
between 5.00pm and 7.30pm

We would like to hear your thoughts anyway!
Thank you.

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