Lambeth Council lorry drivers to see the world through cyclists’ eyes

Lorry and bus drivers working for a Lambeth Council are receiving training sessions in cycling road safety in a bid to prevent collisions involving cyclists and HGVs.

Drivers of refuse vehicles, school buses and other HGVs run by Lambeth are receiving classroom and practical on-road cycle training to highlight the dangers posed to cyclists caught in lorries’ blind spots. The council is also installing signs on its lorries and buses warning of the danger of cycling of their inside.

The training, in conjunction with Cycle Training UK, involves drivers riding bikes themselves to give them greater understanding about cycling.

 Lambeth is the only London borough to have so far adopted these kinds of measures. A cyclist was killed in Streatham in April 2008 as a result of a collision with a truck.

Cllr Sally Prentice, Lambeth Council cabinet member for Environment, said: “London has the potential to be a world-class cycling city. We hope other organisations that employ HGV drivers follow our lead on this and run similar training schemes so we can make London a safer place for cyclists. The council is happy to work with companies to promote these initiatives.”

“We hope other employers follow the example” Charlie Lloyd of London Cycling Campaign, a former lorry driver, said, “LCC has been lobbying for measures such as these for a long time, and we’re very pleased one borough has followed our advice.” “Improving driver awareness can save lives. We hope other boroughs and employers follow the example of Lambeth Council.”

Source LCC website

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