Two-way for cyclists in Lambeth?

You may have seen reports earlier this summer about the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea which has decided to allow cyclists to go the ‘wrong’ way up one-way streets in the borough (although only on a limited number and only for an experimental six month period).

No entry signs on Elliott Road, SW9 on
Elliott Road, SW9 – possible candidate for two way traffic?

Could such a policy work in Lambeth? We would like to think it would so over the next few months we will be compiling a list of one-way streets that we would like the Council to make two-way for cyclists.

We believe that making the streets two-way for cyclists will encourage more cycling in the borough as it will enable cyclists to reach their destinations much quicker and make the roads safer as motor traffic will no longer be able to speed along the one-way streets, it will also make ‘legal’ the activities of many current cyclists who are frustrated at being prevented from going the wrong way up one-way streets.

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