My Lambeth cycle: Councillor John Whelan

A new (we hope) regular feature in which we will be asking prominent Lambeth personalities about why they cycle in the borough.

Photo of Councillor John Whelan on

For the inaugural feature we have asked Councillor John Whelan to outline his cycling life in Lambeth.

John Whelan (left) is a Conservative Party Councillor for Thurlow Park Ward in Tulse Hill, he is also leader of the Conservative opposition on Lambeth Borough Council. He proudly boasts that four out of the six Conservative councillors regularly cycle – the highest percentage of any of the political groups on the council.

When asked why he cycles he writes  “Peer pressure from my family, the need to get fitter, and the cost of motoring were three drivers for taking up cycling—plus an unused bike. My plan was to start modestly by cycling between home and the town hall and then use public transport as well as to cycle round my ward for local meetings. The big bonus was meeting loads of constituents in the street or park and becoming more aware of potholes, broken pavements, and grot spots. The helmet—partner said ‘no’ but daughter replied, ‘Dad, your head is the first thing that hits the ground

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