Southwark threatens anti cycling byelaw on Thames Path

Southwark Borough Council is attempting to introduce a byelaw that would ban cycling on a section of the Thames Path cycle route near to Tate Modern.

The Council claims that the byelaw is being implemented to ensure that there is no conflict between pedestrians and cyclists in this well used stretch of the Thames Path.

Our neighbouring London Cycling Campaign borough group Southwark Cyclists have protested against the proposed byelaw highlighting the strange signals it sends out that cycling is not allowed on one of the oldest designated cycle paths in London, part of the Sustrans national network. If passed the byelaw would set a dangerous precedent which could apply to the Lambeth stretch of the Thames Path.

If you regularly use this path you will be aware that its virtually impossible to cycle along this stretch when there are lots of pedestrians using the path and so a byelaw is unnecessary. We suggest that there are better ways of enforcing pedestrian priority than banning cycling.

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