Architecture rides 2008

In November we met to plan our 2008 Architecture Rides (our fourth full year), and this year we have decided to rerun some of our old favourites as well as continuing with more new rides.

In February our ride will look at the architecture of libraries. Libraries have played a very important role in promoting education and knowledge from early times to the present day. The ride will examine the full range of libraries in London from the ornate architecture of the old libraries through the boom in library building in the nineteenth century to the ground breaking architecture of modern libraries such as Peckham Library and the British Library in Kings Cross.

In March we will ride on to Cinemas Reborn looking at the architecture of the many cinemas across London. Following the boom in the early-mid twentieth century many cinema buildings have now been converted to other uses but they still retain distinctive cinema features. This ride will look of some the most notable current and former cinemas across London. Further information on the rides can be found on the email group and on our website nearer to the time.

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