Herne Hill Junction proposals criticised

If you receive messages on the email group you will be aware that during October there was a flurry of activity regarding a planning application being considered by Lambeth Borough Council for the redevelopment of the Herne Hill Junction (in particular where Norwood Road meets Dulwich Road, Half Moon Lane and Herne Hill near the entrance to Brockwell Park).

The plans aim to promote regeneration of the area and improve traffic flows especially for buses.

Based on the findings of a site visit and cycle count during rush hour where we observed the situation on the ground we have raised several objections.

We feel that several of the proposed changes to the road layout offer little improvement for pedestrians and cyclists -indeed by some measures would have increased conflict between the two groups- and would have led to no long term reductions in the number of cars using the junction or improvement in the traffic flows.

The proposals would have also led to the loss of parkland which we felt would set a dangerous precedent. We feel that the regeneration of the area will be more sustainable if the plans are redrawn to improve the situation for non car traffic. The meeting to decide on the planning application is due to take place in early 2008.

Lambeth planning application 07/03341/RG3

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