Brixton Water Lane consultation October 2007


23 October 2007
Dear Sir/Madam
RE: Brixton Water Lane- Proposed Safety Enhancement Scheme


Lambeth Council has received funding from Transport for London and the London Cycle network for safety improvements along Brixton Water Lane and at the Tulse Hill / Effra Road Junction. The enhancements will deliver safer conditions for all road users including cyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

What we know

From our survey work and accident analysis we have identified that the current cycle route layout is unsatisfactory and poses a threat to vulnerable road users (pedestrians and cyclists).

The main issues are:

  • A dangerous and unpleasant left turn for cyclists with general traffic onto Effra Road.
  • A further danger for cyclists turning right from Effra road into Morval Road gyratory, which being a one way street is subject to speeding traffic.
  • To avoid the gyratory cyclists use the pavements on Brixton Water Lane to access Brockwell Park and Dulwich Road causing distress and danger to pedestrians.

There is also no crossing point for pedestrians to access Brockwell Park from the north side of Brixton Water Lane

Our Proposals

Our proposed improvements are shown on the enclosed drawing and are as follows:

  • A cycle contra-flow lane on Brixton Water Lane between Effra Road and Morval Road.
  • Two new car parking spaces on Arlington Road.
  • Short stay parking on Brixton Water Lane to serve businesses.
  • A raised table in front of Brockwell Park including a zebra crossing.
  • Removal of 9 parking bays. 2 gained in Arlington Street. The net loss of 7 parking bays.
  • Refresh the marking of existing parking bays on Morval Road.

Give us your views

We would like to hear your views on the plans for the Brixton Water Lane Safety Enhancement Scheme. Please complete the attached questionnaire and return it by folding the enclosed envelope by 12 November 2007.
Alternatively you can complete the survey online by following the link below:
All information submitted will be kept confidential and will only be used in relation to this consultation. If you have any queries about the questionnaire please contact Syed Rizvi on 020 7926 8996.
Yours faithfully
Syed Rizvi        
Project Manager
Lambeth Transport Planning & Strategy  
1st Floor Blue Star House
234-244 Stockwell Road
London SW9 9SP
Phone: 020 7926 8996
If you would like any of this information in large print, Braille, audiotape or another language, please contact 020 7926 2320.

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