Lambeth Cyclists all set for AGM 2007

Lambeth Cyclists’ Annual General Meeting will be held on Tuesday 17 April  2007 at 8:30pm.

This will be a chance to review events over the past year and elect the new Management Committee. As there are no elections due this year we will be joined by Simon Brammer, Director of London Cycling Campaign, to hear about his vision for the LCC and cycling in London over the next few years. This should be very interesting and informative. As this is Simon’s first visit to one of our meetings it will also be a good opportunity for us to feedback to LCC central office the concerns of Lambeth cyclists.

At the AGM the Management Committee posts of Borough Coordinator (Chair), Treasurer and four or five other members, responsible for areas of working such as communications, rides, council liaison and campaigning are up for election.

So if you have any ideas for the development of Lambeth Cyclists now is your opportunity to get involved. All you need to do is put yourself at the AGM. The commitment isn’t huge –usually we have one informal committee meeting a month in addition to the regular Lambeth Cyclists meetings. To find out more about the Management Committee contact Borough Coordinator Philip Loy

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