100% positive feedback for Lambeth Cyclists bike maintenance courses

Since September 2005, Lambeth Cyclists has run a series of seven bike maintenance courses each lasting five weeks each. Altogether 54 people have attended these courses and feedback from participants shows they have been really well received. An analysis of the feedback received has showed that 100% of those who completed the evaluation form (43 people) said they enjoyed the course and found it useful and would recommend it to others.

Lambeth Cyclists' cycle maintenance class on lambethcyclists.org.uk

A lot of the success of the course is down to the teacher, Mel Allwood, formerly of Brixton Cycles. Typical comments include “brilliant teacher”, “Mel certainly knew her stuff. She was very patient, very helpful and very amusing”, “really good, easy to follow, interesting and fun!”, “Thank you! I loved it”, “I have been evangelising all month”.

As well as empowering people to keep their bikes on the road (and costs down) by teaching the basics, such as fixing brakes and tuning gears, the courses have also focused on safety and helped to prevent problems before they occur. There are a small number of places left on the course that will run in Brixton for five weeks, every Tuesday, starting on Tuesday 15 May 2007. If you’re interested, email Olivia for further information. Further courses will be advertised on the Lambeth Cyclists email group and website..

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