Herne Hill Junction proposals criticised

If you receive messages on the email group you will be aware that during October there was a flurry of activity regarding a planning application being considered by Lambeth Borough Council for the redevelopment of the Herne Hill Junction (in particular where Norwood Road meets Dulwich Road, Half Moon Lane and Herne Hill near the … Continue reading Herne Hill Junction proposals criticised

Lambeth Cyclists synergise

In November 2007 we ran a stall in one of our more esoteric locations when we joined with other environmental organisations and charities at the Synergy Project, a multiroom ‘indoor musical festival’ style clubnight in the SEOne nightclub underneath London Bridge station. We were invited along following discussions at the green fair in Brixton and … Continue reading Lambeth Cyclists synergise

Salter’s Hill parking proposals consultation December 2007

Lambeth Cyclists have received a consultation letter from Lambeth Transport about allowing footway parking on Salter's Hill, the east side of Norwood Park.The basic plan is to stop parked cars obstructing the flow of traffic.If you wish to respond please see the consultation documents.Images of the consultation letter and plan of proposals are downloadable to the right … Continue reading Salter’s Hill parking proposals consultation December 2007

Brixton Water Lane consultation October 2007

LAMBETH TRANSPORT23 October 2007Dear Sir/MadamRE: Brixton Water Lane- Proposed Safety Enhancement Scheme IntroductionLambeth Council has received funding from Transport for London and the London Cycle network for safety improvements along Brixton Water Lane and at the Tulse Hill / Effra Road Junction. The enhancements will deliver safer conditions for all road users including cyclists, motorists … Continue reading Brixton Water Lane consultation October 2007