Controlled Parking Zones: good for cyclists

Our Council Liaison Officer Clare Neely reflects on Controlled Parking Zones

Lambeth controlled parking zone sign on

Research carried out by TfL with Lambeth Cyclists found that the amount of motor traffic was one of the main reasons why people dont cycle. One way to reduce car journeys is to limit parking at a journeys end via a Controlled Parking Zone.

In my neighbourhood, the Ruskin Park area, we are getting together to campaign for a yes vote because research shows that although not many of us own cars we live in a highly polluted area.

Local children want to walk and cycle to school but carers and parents prevent them as cars parked on corners make it difficult to cross roads.

The area is a key walking and cycling desire line, criss crossed by local cycle routes, reducing motor traffic will encourage people who walk and cycle.

So although for a cycle campaigner campaigning for a CPZ at first felt like ‘mission drift’ I am now fully behind my neighbours who want a CPZ and we would welcome anyone who is interested in joining the campaign

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